Funereal Duskywing Sabino Canyon above dam on Desert Lavendar plant 12/16/21 Funereal Duskywing Sabino Canyon above dam flying from Desert Lavendar plant 12/16/21 Funereal Duskywing

Butterflies of Southern Arizona

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Funereal Duskywing.
Erynnis funeralis .
Skipper (Hesperiidae) Family.

Identification: Forewing is narrow and pointed, hindwing is somewhat triangular. Upperside of wing is black; forewing has a dull brown patch at the end of the cell. Hindwing has white fringe on the outer margin. Male has a costal fold containing yellow scent scales; female has a patch of scent scales on the 7th abdominal segment. Wing Span: 1 5/16 - 1 3/4 inches (3.4 - 4.5 cm). Life History: Eggs are laid singly under host plant leaves. Caterpillars feed on leaves and rest in shelters of rolled or tied leaves. Caterpillars from the last brood hibernate. Flight: Three broods from March-December. Caterpillar Hosts: Various legumes including New Mexican locust (Robinia neomexicana), bur clover (Medicago hispida), deerweed (Lotus scoparius), desert ironwood (Olneya tesota), and vetch (Vicia species). Adult Food: Flower nectar. Habitat: Deserts, warm or arid lowlands, roadsides. Range: Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas south to Argentina. Strays north to northern Illinois, northeast Nebraska, central Colorado, southern Nevada, and central California.

Santa Catalina Mountains
Catalina Highway.
Location: On Tagetes lemmonii in wash across highway from Willow Canyon.

Notes: 12/16/21 Sabino Canyon in Riparian Area above dam on Desert Lavendar bush in creek bed across from Bluff Trailhead.

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