12/22/21 Sabino Canyon on Camphorweed Mexican Yellow 1/4/22 on leaf litter near Camphorweed Mexican Yellow 1/7/22 Sabino Canyon on Camphorweed close to top image Mexican Yellow 1/7/22 Sabino Canyon launching from Camphorweed Mexican Yellow

Butterflies of Southern Arizona

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Mexican Yellow.
Eurema mexicana.
Whites/Sulphurs (Pieridae) Family.

Identification: Upper surface is creamy white with indented black borders which outline a "dog's head" on forewings; more pronounced in male. Hindwing with projecting tail-like points. Wing Span: 1 3/4 - 2 1/2 inches (4.4 - 6.3 cm). Life History: None reported. Flight: Midsummer to fall as vagrant, all year in tropics. Caterpillar Hosts: Acacia and Diphysa in the pea family (Fabaceae). Adult Food: Nectar from a wide variety of flowers. Habitat: Open, dry areas. Found in moister areas in Mexico and Central America. Range: Resident from Central America north to South Texas and the Southwest; common vagrant in Great Plains and Southwest deserts; rare migrant to Mississippi, Arkansas, Illinois, and Michigan.

Santa Catalina Mountains
Sabino Canyon.
Location: In riparian area above dam on Camphorweed.

Notes: 1/4/22 In leaf litter. Dorsal surface of wings creamy white noted in flight by Fred Heath

Notes: 1/7/22 On launch, shows creamy white color of dorsal surface with indented black margin

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