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Star Cloak Fern.
Notholaena standleyi.
Fern (Pteridaceae) Family.

General: Strongly bicolored stem scales, margins brown, broad and well defined, thin, entire. Leaves: Fronds 5-30 cm, on brown petiole, equal to or somewhat longer than blade, rounded above, glabrous except for a few scales at base, blade broadly pentagonal, deeply pinnatifid, but not fully pinnate above base, upper pinnae connected by narrow wing of green tissue, 1-2 times longer than wide, conspicuous yellowish powdery covering below, scales absent, glabrous above, basal pinnae much larger than adjacent pair, strongly unequal, upper pinnules greatly enlarged. Sporangia: Dark brown, dull, with 32 or 16 spores, sori continous along magins of weakly revolute segments. Ecology: Found in rocky canyons, along cliffs, and among rocks from 1,000-6,500 ft (305-1981 m); sporulating late spring to fall. Notes: Distinguished by the bipinnatifid blade that is not divided into separate segments. Etymology: Notholaena is from the Greek nothos, false, and chlaina, a cloak, a reference to the incomplete indusium, while standleyi is named for the American botanist Paul Standley.

Santa Catalina Mountains
Sabino Canyon Recreation Area.
Location: Tram Road before first bridge.

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