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Wavy Cloak Fern.
Astrolepis sinuata.
Fern (Pteridaceae) Family.

Stems compact to short-creeping; stem scales uniformly chestnut brown or with lighter margin, to 6 mm, margins ciliate-dentate. Leaves 11--130 cm. Blade pinnate-pinnatifid, pinna pairs 30--60. Pinnae deltate to ovate, largest 7--35 mm, symmetrically lobed, lobes 6--14 often acute, separated by deep sinuses; abaxial scales concealing surface, lanceolate, usually 1--1.5 mm, ciliate-dentate with delicate marginal projections; adaxial scales sparse, deciduous, elongate, stellate, attached at base, body 1--2 cells wide, attached at base. Sporangia containing 32 or 64 spores.

Sabino Canyon Recreation Area.
Location: Bluff Trail.

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