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Wildflowers of Greater Arizona

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Indian Paintbrush.
Castilleja spp.
Figwort (Scrophulariaceae) family.

There are several similar species. The following description is for Castilleja integra:

The mostly green, exserted, beak-like floral tubes are surrounded by hairy, red, orange, or yellow, petal-like bracts that are either entire (not toothed or lobed) or shallowly cleft at the tip with erect, pointed teeth. The flowers are followed by egg-shaped seed capsules. The leaves are green and hairless or almost hairless above, paler green and densely covered with woolly, matted hairs below, alternate, simple (undivided), entire, and linear in shape with curled-up margins. The usually multiple stems are stout, often woody at the base, and covered with appressed, matted, woolly, grayish white hairs. The plants are partial root parasites of nearby plants.

White Mountains.
Location: Torreon Community at Show Low.

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