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Wildflowers of Greater Arizona

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Wright's Deervetch.
Lotus wrightii.
Bean (Fabaceae) family.

The stems of this perenial are branched, erect or ascending, grayish, and taprooted. The leaves are alternate and palmate with 3-5 leaflets; oblanceolate, spatulate, oblong, or linear 6-20 mm long and 1-5 mm wide, strigose, margins entire, apex obtuse to acute, and petiole short (up to 1.5mm long). The flowers are solitary or 2 arising in the axils of cauline leaves, peduncles up to 1.5 cm long or absent. The calyx is 6-8 mm long and the corolla is 10-15 mm long, yellow or orange becoming reddish in age.

White Mountains.
Location: Torreon Community at Show Low.

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