Common Buckeye 1/1/22 Sabino Canyon above dam Common Buckeye 1/6/22 Sabino Canyon base of dam Common Buckeye 1/6/22 Sabino Canyon base of dam Common Buckeye

Butterflies of Southern Arizona

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Common Buckeye.
Junonia coenia.
Brush-footed (Nymphalidae) Family.

The bold pattern of eyespots and white bars on the upper wing surface is distinctive in much of its range. The eyespots likely serve to startle or distract predators, especially young birds. Adults feed on nectar and also take fluids from mud and damp sand. Males perch on bare ground or low plants, occasionally patrolling in search of females, but they are not territorial. The female lays eggs singly on buds or the upper side of leaves. The caterpillars are solitary and feed on the foliage, flowers, and fruits of the host plant. A variety of (typically) herbaceous plants are used, including especially plants in the snapdragon family (Scrophulariaceae). These include snapdragon (Antirrhinum), toadflax (Linaria), and Gerardia. Caterpillars also feed on plants of the plantain family, such as Plantago; and the Acanthus family including ruellia (Ruellia nodiflora). Larvae feed singly. Adults and some larvae overwinter in southern areas. The pupa may not have a resting phase (diapause), as in many other butterflies.

Santa Catalina Mountains
Prison Camp.
Location: Arizona Trail beyond campground road.

Notes: 1/1/22 Sabino Canyon above dam taken with iPhone. Cold, windy afternoon after moderate rains in morning.

Notes: 1/6/22 Sabino Canyon base of dam on patch of mud

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