Empress Leilia Rattlesnake Canyon 10/15/17 Empress Leilia Rattlesnake Canyon 10/15/17 Empress Leilia Empress Leilia

Butterflies of Southern Arizona

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Empress Leilia.
Asterocampa leilia.
Brush-footed (Nymphalidae) Family.

Adults are brownish-orange, with white and black spots on the bottom of the wings. The length of the wings is 1.5 to 2 inches. The species can be found in the southwestern United States, including Arizona and Texas, as well as Mexico. Adults feed on dung, sap and rotten fruit. In very rare cases the species will feed on nectar. They live in canyons, streamsides, thorn scrubs, and washes. Males of the species will wait near their food plants for females to appear. Larvae feed on hackberry.

Santa Catalina Mountains
Sabino Canyon Recreation Area.
Location: Elevated picnic pad adjacent to tram road.

Notes: Rattlesnake Canyon 10/15/17

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